Linksys E3000 Router With DDWRT Set Up for StrongVPN

Trying to find a router that will connect let you and to Hide My Butt utilize outside the United States in your Appletv? Is VOIP or bittorrent visitors Being slowed down by your Internet Service Provider? No matter your motives may be it is the router for you personally.

Notice what Sabai Technologies did is nothing over brilliance. They produced it a lot better and have chosen the previously very fast Linksys E-3000 by packing it with the DDWRT Huge firmware. This enables the router to link straight to Powerful VPN and thus enabling all of your devices that are linked to to operate trough the tube. Used this means you will now not be obstructed from utilizing US just solutions when very best of all and overseas you are now able to link from apparatus that formerly couldn’t such as Wii, X Box 360, Ps3 and the Appletv. The list continues on.

The router is just like the E2000 that we’ve evaluated early in the day but with twice the RAM this router is crying fast as it can process the link even more quickly enabling you to reach rates you’ll impossible.

Specs and Reviews
As stated in reality it’s adequate to to perform the variant that was strongest and the Linksys E 3000 has a lot of Memory the socalled DDWRT Huge. In addition the USB 2.0 interfaces enable you to link common storage to the router for neighborhood accessibility. StrongVPN is also recommended in Germany like on VPN Dienste.

Links to StrongVPN, letting you make a VPN link with any of 63 computers in 10 states. The service is also recommended at
Enables the VPN link to be shared by you may all apparatus on the router.
Air wifi at 2.4-Ghz or 5 Ghz
The router has Wireless-N at rates up to 300 mbps.
Entry the VPN link via 4 Gigabit interfaces
Procedure the VPN visitors very quickly.
The easiest way to link several computers to a VPN accounts.
Broadcom chipset
Screaming quickly 480 mHz Computer pace.
USB 2.0 interfaces
8 MB Flash Memory
Completely installed using the Brainslayer Super variation of ddwrt applications.

Therefore with twice the strength of excellent critiques and the E2000 I can not notice no reason to not get this router. The cost is only $ 179.95 plus they also do day to day delivery. Move check away it at Sabai Technologies.


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