Whats wrong with ASUS RT N16 Wireless

This flagship router from ASUS offers Gigabit Ethernet too as a powerful N wifi network connectivity. We’ll be looking at it with VPN accessibility at heart, though it’s advanced features like print server and assemble in bit-torrent client.

The Asus router comes with DD-WRT firmware pre flashed to the unit, this means that it may connect with VPN straight. This permits devices like the Apple TV, Roku Box, Video Game Consoles, DVD Players and set-top units without a VPN customer access to make use of a VPN connection. Read this Unblock US Review.

When seeking a VPN modem to push the DD-WRT applications it is necessary to consider the hubs specs and with 480MHz (capable ofreview of asus RT N16 533MHz) processor, 128MB Memory, 32MB ROM the ASUS RT-N16 best for connecting to VPN.

Setting up ASUS RT-N16 With Hide My Ass VPN
The setup of all DDWRT routers is identical pretty much and I recommend that you take a look my tutorial here that explains the setup from start to end.

The Pros as well as the Cons
At only $ 89 from Amazon the ASUS RT-N16 is very economical as well as the equipment is more than capable of supplying a VPN tube that is steady and quick.

The sole downside is that the router isn’t dual-band so it wont have the capacity to to guide accessibility for both G and pushed apparatus at the exact same moment, and the speed will be lowered by it, once the router is connected to by A-G driven device. Nevertheless, this does not have any impact in day to day usage, as AG system will be quicker than your Web joining. In the event that you use the NAS abilities of the router you may only find this an issue. Then you wont get access to the network generate at complete speed.

All-in all a really secure modem that provides an excellent VPN tunnel for your own Apple-TV, Game Console etc. – ideal for unblocking and Hulu.

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