What new features does the 1xbit bonus offer?

Thanks to this betting provider, so-called crypto-currencies find their way into the world of sports betting. Accordingly, in the case of the 1xbit bonus, one or two clarifications are required when it comes to the conditions of this offer. We try to ensure the same on this page to your satisfaction, so that you can enjoy the advantages of a possibly newly opened user account and take advantage of the exclusive 1xbit bonus.

At second glance, this offer differs only slightly from those we have already examined in recent months, as it is more or less a classic first deposit bonus.

To take advantage of the 1xbit welcome offer, a deposit of 5mBCT is required. In order to provide a little remedy here about the orders of magnitude of the crypto currency: we’re talking five millibitcoins, which is 0.001 Bitcoin. If you have chosen this “amount” as your first deposit, you will receive your 125 % 1xbit welcome bonus. This bonus is granted up to 1 Bitcoin. The terms and conditions of this offer will be examined in more detail below. Don’t forget this: To receive the exclusive 1xbit bonus, you must enter the bonus code

Simply explained: How does the 1xbit bonus work?

The bookmaker, who also used his payment method for the name, can come up with a basically “classic” new customer bonus. Accordingly, you don’t have to be put off by the fact that the crypto currency is accepted as the only payment method. However, before you take advantage of the 1xbit bonus, you should still acquire the most important knowledge about crypto currencies to avoid unpleasant surprises in the end. Accordingly, we don’t think that this 1xbit bonus offer is very suitable for beginners. If you want to take advantage of this offer, you have to make a first deposit of 5mBTC. Afterwards you will receive a 125% bonus, which is equivalent to doubling your deposit.

ATTENTION: In order to be eligible for this 1xbit new customer bonus, the option: “Participate in bonus offers” must be selected in your user account or profile settings. You must also enter the bonus code “1xb_12559”. Under the wagering requirements, only bets that have been played at odds of 1.60 will be accepted. In addition, the 1xbit deposit amount must be wagered 40 times in total. The 1xbit bonus does not work completely without real currency, you will find more information on this page.

Amount of the betting bonus in %

In this category the 1xBit Bonus uses the classic examples from the “world of real money”. Because: This is an offer where your first deposit is increased by 125 percent, i.e. more than doubled, and credited to your betting account. So if you chose 0.4 Bitcoin as your deposit, you would have 0.9 Bitcoin available for your sports bets after fulfilling the bonus conditions.

Maximum possible bonus amount

Make your first deposit and receive a bonus of up to 1 Bitcoin. This is the maximum amount, so you cannot get more than 1 Bitcoin as a bonus, even if you make a deposit that exceeds 1 Bitcoin.

What other 1xbit bonus terms apply?

In addition to the 1xBit bonus conditions already mentioned, there are a number of other factors that need to be met in order to take advantage of the welcome offer. The following categories should give you a little more information about these conditions.

Minimum deposit

The minimum deposit amount for the 1xbit bonus is 5mBTC, i.e. the mentioned millibitcoin. This is therefore 0.005 Bitcoin. Accordingly, the same conversion factors can be applied as for length measurements. An mBTC therefore means a thousandth of 1 Bitcoin.

Minimum turnover

While other bookmakers often require you to wager deposit and bonus amounts, this is not the case with the 1xbit bonus. Instead, you have to wager only the sum of your 1st deposit in the bookmaker’s sports betting area.

Required minimum quota

The minimum odds for the 1xbit bonus offer are 1.60. Accordingly, the bookmaker is at a pleasantly low level here, as this value is often much closer to 2.00. ATTENTION: Only single and combination bets are accepted in the case of this new customer offer.

Time limit

Here the 1xbit new customer bonus is again oriented to “classic” bonus offers in the industry. Because: You have a total of 30 days to fully implement the bonus conditions. If you fail to do so, all the bonus points you have already earned will be cancelled and, as a final consequence, real money will be lost.

Restrictions on payment methods and bet types

With 1xBit only a deposit per Bitcoin is possible. However, these deposits as well as the profits made can be converted into real money. Once you have fulfilled the bonus conditions, you will be credited with those bonus points that correspond to your 1st deposit. More details about the bonus points can be found below. Regarding the types of bets, according to our information, only single and combined bets are available.

Area of validity

In the case of the 1xbit bonus, we are not aware of any restrictions here. To be on the safe side, you should check the bookmaker’s website for more information. A special case on the sports betting market: What do I need to know about the 1xbit bonus points?

The possibility of depositing using Bitcoin is a novelty, which the 1xbit Bonus offers exclusively. The account for your bonus points will be created automatically after you have registered a user account. For ALL bets you place at 1xbit you will be credited with bonus points. For every 500 bonus points you receive, you can then have €10 credited to your account in real money. This amount is also valid in all other currencies, i.e. 10 dollars, pounds, francs etc. The number of points is calculated with the following formula: Bet amount * bet amount.

The price rating is the square root of the betting odds minus one. The maximum price rating is 5, but as a customer you can only activate one of the two actions: “Bonus points for placed bets” or “Bonus on your account balance”. Both offers cannot be activated at the same time. The bonus points are automatically credited to your account with the 1xbit bonus as soon as you have placed a sports bet.

How do we rate the 1xbit bonus?

For all supporters of crypto currencies, the 1xbit bonus is of course the perfect opportunity to use them in the world of sports betting. To find the next big event you can bet on, visit this page at BEST BITCOIN BETTING. In its basic features, however, the new customer offer of 1xbit does not really stand out from other offers. On the positive side, the obvious absence of restrictions regarding individual countries should be emphasized. Less customer-friendly we see the fact that there are only 30 days to fulfil the turnover conditions. Whereby distinctions can also be made here. The fact is that 40 times the turnover should deter one or the other customer interested in the 1xbit bonus, but less so for the required minimum quota of 1.60, as this is significantly below the values of many competitors. The bonus points are a unique selling proposition of the 1xbit bonus offer and offer a real incentive to open an account with this bookmaker. Overall, we consider the 1xbit bonus offer to be a good alternative, especially if you have basic knowledge of crypto currencies. Once this is the case, this offer is definitely worth a try.

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