Surveillance Software for Windows, Linux and Mac

The program is very powerful thanks to its especially user friendly and intuitive interface. This very much sets it apart from much of the contest where many video surveillance systems are complicated to work with and configure and a lot more complicated to set up.

It supplies you with all of the attributes you should make a professional grade video surveillance system whether in the office or at home. With Xeoma, configuring your surveillance applications is both an enjoyable and user friendly procedure where setting up the modules is rather like dealing with a construction set made for kids. The reason being it offers a particularly intuitive and simple-to-comprehend picture-based editor. Xeoma additionally lets you link multiple computers using the applications installed and view feeds on the server computer. Now you might be in a position to keep tabs on your own kids’ activity on computer or notebook online.

Xeoma Video Surveillance Software supports nearly any digital video camera, so compatibility problems will not be in any way likely to appear. It’s exceedingly improbable that the apparatus will not be compatible with this incredibly versatile video surveillance applications.

This video surveillance applications provides many useful additional attributes which help make it one of the best types of surveillance accessible. It provides an increased motion detector with prerecord attribute which ensures the look of any uninvited guest at home or office will automatically be filed and recorded in the machine. There’s also a daytime sensor that may keep the camera on only during daytime hours, switching off through the night time, if needed. Cyclic archive file automatically deletes old records as required so that you can free up space on the hard disk. You can also correct the direction of playback.

  • It’s possible for you to track your office or home applying this video surveillance applications no matter where you’re found on the planet.
  • This is thanks to the remote access feature which allows you to control the program from absolutely everywhere around the earth as long as you’ve got access to the internet.

Essentially, it is possible to enjoy complete charge of your video surveillance system, even remotely. With Xeoma’s repeater attribute it is possible to get your system even in case your pc isn’t reachable from Internet (inside firewall or while using cellular telephone network without actual IP address).

Xeoma can automatically notify you about found occasions utilizing various distinct approaches.

You’ll find there are only three variants of Xeoma Video Surveillance Applications available including the complimentary version, trial version and commercial (whole) variant. For more information, please see

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