Monitoring systems

Support providers will be the important instruments of management and surveillance. Suppliers block access to sites that displease the regulators. The process involves use of DNS (Domain Name Server), which enables access shutdown to a given domain name. But while blocking influences accessibility to a complete site, it can’t be aimed in a particular page.

Each company is permitted to block articles separately, without needing to do so together with the other businesses. By way of example, Fb is censored by VNPT, but access is allowed by the additional suppliers.

OpenNet Initiative, a study team, published a listing of websites blocked in Viet Nam in 2012. These included papers and domestic and international blogs, and websites that supplied content on political opposition and human rights.

Some writers used circumvention applications – proxies, VPN – to overcome blocking. However, these applications aren’t always reliable. The government gets the capability to block locations put aside for making the tried alternatives useless and communicating data that is protected.

Writers tracked by the government often undergo Guy In The Middle attacks. These are created to intercept information designed to be sent to protected (https) sites . This technique may be used exclusively by administrators of the community that was Vietnamese, for instance Web providers. Often, passwords are compromised and connection rates slowed-down on times when dissidents are detained or go on demo unless people get a good VPN from an international VPN Provider List.

Personal info and subscription managements

Subscribers to landline service for Web and telephone are required to distribute a succession of files which contain private information: birthdate, name, telephone employment number, company and proof of address.

The sole evidence of address officially recognized in Vietnam is the hydrogen? A police document created for population control, kh?u. Without the h? Kh?u, it’s not possible to lease an apartment, contribute to an Internet support, receive a driver license or get a job that is formal. Three states in the world use such a record: China, Democratic People’s Republic Of Korea and Vietnam.


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