Surveillance Software for Windows, Linux and Mac

The program is very powerful thanks to its especially user friendly and intuitive interface. This very much sets it apart from much of the contest where many video surveillance systems are complicated to work with and configure and a lot more complicated to set up.

It supplies you with all of the attributes you should make a professional grade video surveillance system whether in the office or at home. With Xeoma, configuring your surveillance applications is both an enjoyable and user friendly procedure where setting up the modules is rather like dealing with a construction set made for kids. The reason being it offers a particularly intuitive and simple-to-comprehend picture-based editor. Xeoma additionally lets you link multiple computers using the applications installed and view feeds on the server computer. Now you might be in a position to keep tabs on your own kids’ activity on computer or notebook online.

Xeoma Video Surveillance Software supports nearly any digital video camera, so compatibility problems will not be in any way likely to appear. It’s exceedingly improbable that the apparatus will not be compatible with this incredibly versatile video surveillance applications.

This video surveillance applications provides many useful additional attributes which help make it one of the best types of surveillance accessible. It provides an increased motion detector with prerecord attribute which ensures the look of any uninvited guest at home or office will automatically be filed and recorded in the machine. There’s also a daytime sensor that may keep the camera on only during daytime hours, switching off through the night time, if needed. Cyclic archive file automatically deletes old records as required so that you can free up space on the hard disk. You can also correct the direction of playback.

  • It’s possible for you to track your office or home applying this video surveillance applications no matter where you’re found on the planet.
  • This is thanks to the remote access feature which allows you to control the program from absolutely everywhere around the earth as long as you’ve got access to the internet.

Essentially, it is possible to enjoy complete charge of your video surveillance system, even remotely. With Xeoma’s repeater attribute it is possible to get your system even in case your pc isn’t reachable from Internet (inside firewall or while using cellular telephone network without actual IP address).

Xeoma can automatically notify you about found occasions utilizing various distinct approaches.

You’ll find there are only three variants of Xeoma Video Surveillance Applications available including the complimentary version, trial version and commercial (whole) variant. For more information, please see

Software Development Methodology in Practice

When you’re in the software development area, you may encounter various development methodologies followed while developing any software job.  A software methodology used in a single job might or might not be satisfied to a different job. Each applications methodology could have its strengths and drawbacks. There really are many different applications strategies developed with time, which are well matched to particular type of jobs. Read to learn several points on the different methodologies developed.

Waterfall Method

In waterfall method, that is the earliest software development methodology the software development phases are performed in a sequential manner to make sure the standard and dependability of the applications. The basic principles used here is the job is split into various stages, which are serial in nature. There’s pressure given on preparation and execution of the entire system as well as a business control is kept on the entire life of the job.

Prototyping System

Applications prototyping means creation of incomplete versions of the application application throughout the software development process that might differ in the finished product. Prototyping helps the applications users to assess the program throughout the design phase before really trying them out. In this model, the users are completely active in the software development process, which raises their approval of the last execution. In addition, it helps the users to know the company issue, which will be important to avoid solving the wrong problem.

Step-By-Step Development Process

Incremental software development methodology calls for breaking the job into little section, in order to help make the change simplified through the development procedure.
Spiral Methodology

Fast program development

Fast program development is a software development methodology that calls for nominal preparation, so the applications may be written in considerably shorter time. RAD requires advantage of preset instruments and processes to streamline the procedure for building information systems. Rapid Application Development has four significant characteristics: methodology, individuals, direction, and software.

Extreme Programming

Extreme Programming is founded on values of simplicity, admiration, communicating, guidance, and courage. In this changes are executed according to the customer’s idea.

Online Casino Odds – Can You Really Win Money?

internet casino odds

Online Casino gambling can provide you with lots of fun and excitement. However, you should be cautious in choosing an online casino game so that you can get the best benefits for your money.

It does you no good at all if you lose thousands of bucks from an online casino, just to discover that the online casino is actually a scam or that the owner is crooks. It will do you no good to gamble on an online casino that is not secure either, exposing you to a lot of risks. If you want to get the best online casino games, you have to consider the following factors before jumping into any online casinos.

Different Odds with different Games?

There are many online casino games that you can play online and choose from. You may have heard about poker and blackjack, but there are a lot more games to choose from. There are also online casinos that offer live casino gaming so that players who want to try out a new game can join.

It is important to have a thorough knowledge about the internet casino games and about how the game works before signing up for an account. By knowing about the online casino odds, you will be able to determine if the casino offers the best online casino games. The easiest way to gamble online is to signup for a crypto casino where you can use cryptocurrency instead of credit card deposits. Here is a list of cryptocurrency-based online casinos.

To get the best online casino games, the casino must offer a lot of bonuses and rebates to its players. These bonuses can help you save a lot of money during the course of your playing hours. However, you should check with the casino about the rules of these rebates before you apply for one.

Keep cool at any time

When playing on an online casino, it is important to keep your wits about you and to keep your mind open to all possible strategies. A lot of people make the mistake of believing that they can win every time by simply bluffing and hoping for the best.

This is a very bad idea because you might end up losing more than what you bet on a single game. To play good and smart, it is necessary to learn about the online casino game and its tricks and tips.

Provably Fair

Remember that if there is any doubt about the online casino odds, it is a good idea to check them with the gaming authority at the local casino where you are playing to find out if they are provably fair. This can be done by simply asking them or calling their customer service. They will give you accurate online casino odds for the casino game.

Many players think that the online-casino games are easier than real life games. Actually, the game of roulette has become popular because it is easy to play and understand. In fact, you don’t even need to know anything about the game to play it. So, if you want to try out the game of roulette, you can do so online with a click of a button.

When playing  in dice or online roulette games, the only thing that matters is the amount of money that you bet and the number of spins that you need to complete the game. In online games, you can play with virtual money or real money. which is much safer than depositing real money into a bank account.

The online casino odds for online roulette are the same as the actual roulette odds, but the only difference is the number of spins required. In online games, you will see that the casino will not let you bet a certain number of spins without having a certain amount of spins to complete the game.

The online casino games may require you to spin more than one wheel in order to complete the game. The game of roulette does not give you a certain number of spins to complete the game. In other words, you may need to spin two or three or four wheels before you complete the game.

If you play the online casino game at a casino where the online casino odds are lower than the real roulette game, you can earn more money. However, if the online casino odds are higher, the players will pay you less. This means that it is a good idea to play at a higher casino that offers higher online casino odds. if you want to get the most value for your money.

Earn Bitcoins with SatoshiDice

There are now countless online casinos on the net where you can play with Bitcoins. Satoshidice is one of the oldest and most widespread Bitcoin casino. Unlike other casinos, however, it is not only possible to play against the bank, but also to bet on the bank.

What is SatoshiDice?

SatoshiDice is an online casino website that currently offers two betting games. SatoshiDice was founded in 2012 and was sold in 2013 for 126,315 BTC – converted at the exchange rate at that time this was 12,4 million USD.

The main game is a kind of dice game: you bet on a number between 1 and 65535, and after the dice are thrown, the number thrown must be lower than your own chosen number.

If the number thrown is lower than the number selected, you win. If the number on the dice is higher, the bet is lost. The lower the number you bet on, the higher the possible win. For a detailed BTC dice explanation, check out the page luckyCOINER.

SatoshiDice dice game: How do you bet?

You bet an amount (provided that a certain amount of Bitcoin has been transferred to SatoshiDice). The minimum bet is 100 Satoshi.

You adjust the slider with the chance to win. The higher the chance is chosen, the higher the number you bet on. “Roll Dice – The dice roll a number between 0 and 65535. If the number on the dice is lower than the number selected, you win. Green W denotes a winning roll. The number indicates how many times the roll was won in a row. Red L indicates a lost roll.

In this example I always bet on the number 52,590. 18 throws were smaller than the number. However, the top roll (red L) indicates a lost roll. Here, the number rolled was 59.473 and thus above my 52.590. The bet of 100 Satoshi (= 0.00000100 BTC) was therefore lost. With the won rolls I had earned 22 Satoshi per roll.

Making money: Go to the bank and earn money

With SatoshiDice you can earn money by betting – but lose at least as much. In fact, on average more is lost than won, because the chance of winning is slightly lower than the chance of losing. So in the long run, the casino always wins. For both games on SatoshiDice there is a House Edge. This house edge is known from many betting games, especially roulette: If the player bets on the color red or black, he usually has a 50% chance to win or lose. However, there is still the House Edge, the color green. If the ball bounces to the green “0”, the bet goes to the bank. The House Edge in European casinos is in this case 2.70%.

A similar principle has SatoshiDice. Here there is also a House Edge of 1.90%.

But how can money be earned with SatoshiDice?

So that an online casino can be operated, it needs certain capital in the backing. Because if many players have a lucky streak, the casino must be able to distribute the money won. Bitcoin Casinos often get the necessary capital from the users of the casino. This means that every user can give money to the casino and thus become part of the casino. And every user can automatically win with the casino. Because for the invested capital the user gets a part of the House Edge. At SatoshiDice half of the HouseEdge is distributed to the investors. In the case of the dice game this is 0.95%.

As a test we invested 0.12 BTC. After a short registration and the usual security settings (2-factor authentication) we deposited the Bitcoins. Via the menu item “Bet on the House” the Bitcoins could be deposited into the house pool. At the time of our deposit there were already more than 1922 BTC in the House Bankroll. After our investment of just under 0.12 BTC we had a profit of 0.00022969 BTC after just one day. Converted this results in a profit of 0.19% per day.

What are the risks?

Of course, relying on the bank is not without risks. One of the biggest risks could be that the bank closes and disappears with the capital invested by the users. The SatoshiDice operators even list this as a risk themselves and even take themselves a little for a ride.

  • In addition, some players may have a winning streak with high payouts.
  • Then the bank has to pay out the players with its capital, which can then reduce the capital invested by the players themselves significantly.
  • If in this time then large investors are added, then naturally the House Edge won afterwards is divided among all investors. Thus it can then take much longer to recover the lost Bitcoins.

How To Earn Money With Bitcoin

Bitcoin profit

Crypto Trading, trading CFDs on the Internet currency or Bitcoin Mining – three of the main ways to earn with Bitcoin. One of the leading ways to make real cash with Bitcoin is to buy the Internet currency.

In fact, anyone who can buy the cheap cryptocurrency and later sell it at a higher rate has the opportunity to make a profit. Some investors have already bought some coins in the early days of Bitcoin and kept them in their crypto wallet; in some cases they have even forgotten about them.

As Bitcoin and other Internet currencies are currently back in hype as alternative investment vehicles, this can literally pay off. If the demand for the coins increases, investors can count on rising prices and a higher sales yield. This is an easy way to earn with Bitcoin, but requires a wallet (at best a hardware wallet).

Earning Money with Bitcoin – Experience

Anyone who wants to earn some extra cash with Bitcoin and gain experience rather than investing themselves can also use mining as an alternative. However, Cloud Mining in particular has become a very popular topic in recent years. It is a great alternative because users don’t have to buy any hardware or software or worry about organizational matters. Instead, a one-time fee (with some providers also monthly fees) is charged to purchase a certain amount of computing power. The advantage of mining in this way is that users can share the computing power and generate the blocks faster and thus get the reward.

However, it is not always an alternative to buying Bitcoin, as miners must also take into account the electricity costs incurred. Anyone who really wants to earn with Bitcoin should therefore go for the cheapest possible electricity provider and keep fixed costs (fees for mining providers) as low as possible.

Bitcoin Trading For Profit

Can I earn money through the cryptocurrency without having to invest directly in Bitcoin? There are alternatives for all those who do not want to buy the coins themselves or be active as miners, but still want to participate in the price development. Cryptocurrency trading is also possible with a crypto broker, for example.

Contracts for difference in numerous Internet currencies are available from many brokers. Bitcoin brokers offer their investors CFDs on the most important Internet currencies in order to be able to earn quickly with Bitcoin.

The advantage of CFD trading lies in its flexibility and short-term nature. Investors need comparatively little equity capital and can still use the leverage to bring more capital into the market. This also generates higher profits.

However, the leverage also works in the opposite direction, so that the CFD investment is extremely risky. To help investors better assess the risk, some bitcoin brokers provide free information on risk management, for example in its training section.

Bitcoin Earning Apps

There is also the Bitcoin Earning App, which allows users to conveniently access certain websites to earn Bitcoins. To do this, they don’t have to invest in cryptocurrency, but simply use the website. In colloquial language, this option for earning Bitcoin is known as a faucet.

This type of site spends small amounts of the coins to users, and the owners earn money by placing ads on their site and paying people to visit the ads or conduct surveys. This industry now accounts for over 50 percent of the traffic on leading Bitcoin sites.

There are now many sites that operate on this principle, giving users the opportunity to earn Bitcoin. In principle, only users can log in to multiple platforms, for example with Bitcoin App.

However, experience has shown that the revenue is lower than with cryptocurrency digging, although users do not have to pay higher electricity costs.

How To Earn Bitcoin Fast

To earn with Bitcoin, it does not always have to be an investment in a cryptocurrency stock exchange or trading through a currency investment account. Alternatively, there is also the possibility of lending Bitcoin.

This allows users to earn money in the short term, even though there is always a risk involved. Basically, the principle works similar to that of granting a bank loan. There are now a number of platforms that establish contact between the lender and those willing to borrow.

Anyone who owns Bitcoin acts in effect as a bank and can lend their coins to another person against interest. Due to the unregulated nature of the market, interest rates tend to be a lot higher than the average bank rate, so you can expect a high potential for returns.

On the other hand, lack of regulation means that users would not be able to earn Bitcoin if they were to default. If the risk is too high for you, you should look around for alternatives to earning Bitcoin.

What new features does the 1xbit bonus offer?

Thanks to this betting provider, so-called crypto-currencies find their way into the world of sports betting. Accordingly, in the case of the 1xbit bonus, one or two clarifications are required when it comes to the conditions of this offer. We try to ensure the same on this page to your satisfaction, so that you can enjoy the advantages of a possibly newly opened user account and take advantage of the exclusive 1xbit bonus.

At second glance, this offer differs only slightly from those we have already examined in recent months, as it is more or less a classic first deposit bonus.

To take advantage of the 1xbit welcome offer, a deposit of 5mBCT is required. In order to provide a little remedy here about the orders of magnitude of the crypto currency: we’re talking five millibitcoins, which is 0.001 Bitcoin. If you have chosen this “amount” as your first deposit, you will receive your 125 % 1xbit welcome bonus. This bonus is granted up to 1 Bitcoin. The terms and conditions of this offer will be examined in more detail below. Don’t forget this: To receive the exclusive 1xbit bonus, you must enter the bonus code

Simply explained: How does the 1xbit bonus work?

The bookmaker, who also used his payment method for the name, can come up with a basically “classic” new customer bonus. Accordingly, you don’t have to be put off by the fact that the crypto currency is accepted as the only payment method. However, before you take advantage of the 1xbit bonus, you should still acquire the most important knowledge about crypto currencies to avoid unpleasant surprises in the end. Accordingly, we don’t think that this 1xbit bonus offer is very suitable for beginners. If you want to take advantage of this offer, you have to make a first deposit of 5mBTC. Afterwards you will receive a 125% bonus, which is equivalent to doubling your deposit.

ATTENTION: In order to be eligible for this 1xbit new customer bonus, the option: “Participate in bonus offers” must be selected in your user account or profile settings. You must also enter the bonus code “1xb_12559”. Under the wagering requirements, only bets that have been played at odds of 1.60 will be accepted. In addition, the 1xbit deposit amount must be wagered 40 times in total. The 1xbit bonus does not work completely without real currency, you will find more information on this page.

Amount of the betting bonus in %

In this category the 1xBit Bonus uses the classic examples from the “world of real money”. Because: This is an offer where your first deposit is increased by 125 percent, i.e. more than doubled, and credited to your betting account. So if you chose 0.4 Bitcoin as your deposit, you would have 0.9 Bitcoin available for your sports bets after fulfilling the bonus conditions.

Maximum possible bonus amount

Make your first deposit and receive a bonus of up to 1 Bitcoin. This is the maximum amount, so you cannot get more than 1 Bitcoin as a bonus, even if you make a deposit that exceeds 1 Bitcoin.

What other 1xbit bonus terms apply?

In addition to the 1xBit bonus conditions already mentioned, there are a number of other factors that need to be met in order to take advantage of the welcome offer. The following categories should give you a little more information about these conditions.

Minimum deposit

The minimum deposit amount for the 1xbit bonus is 5mBTC, i.e. the mentioned millibitcoin. This is therefore 0.005 Bitcoin. Accordingly, the same conversion factors can be applied as for length measurements. An mBTC therefore means a thousandth of 1 Bitcoin.

Minimum turnover

While other bookmakers often require you to wager deposit and bonus amounts, this is not the case with the 1xbit bonus. Instead, you have to wager only the sum of your 1st deposit in the bookmaker’s sports betting area.

Required minimum quota

The minimum odds for the 1xbit bonus offer are 1.60. Accordingly, the bookmaker is at a pleasantly low level here, as this value is often much closer to 2.00. ATTENTION: Only single and combination bets are accepted in the case of this new customer offer.

Time limit

Here the 1xbit new customer bonus is again oriented to “classic” bonus offers in the industry. Because: You have a total of 30 days to fully implement the bonus conditions. If you fail to do so, all the bonus points you have already earned will be cancelled and, as a final consequence, real money will be lost.

Restrictions on payment methods and bet types

With 1xBit only a deposit per Bitcoin is possible. However, these deposits as well as the profits made can be converted into real money. Once you have fulfilled the bonus conditions, you will be credited with those bonus points that correspond to your 1st deposit. More details about the bonus points can be found below. Regarding the types of bets, according to our information, only single and combined bets are available.

Area of validity

In the case of the 1xbit bonus, we are not aware of any restrictions here. To be on the safe side, you should check the bookmaker’s website for more information. A special case on the sports betting market: What do I need to know about the 1xbit bonus points?

The possibility of depositing using Bitcoin is a novelty, which the 1xbit Bonus offers exclusively. The account for your bonus points will be created automatically after you have registered a user account. For ALL bets you place at 1xbit you will be credited with bonus points. For every 500 bonus points you receive, you can then have €10 credited to your account in real money. This amount is also valid in all other currencies, i.e. 10 dollars, pounds, francs etc. The number of points is calculated with the following formula: Bet amount * bet amount.

The price rating is the square root of the betting odds minus one. The maximum price rating is 5, but as a customer you can only activate one of the two actions: “Bonus points for placed bets” or “Bonus on your account balance”. Both offers cannot be activated at the same time. The bonus points are automatically credited to your account with the 1xbit bonus as soon as you have placed a sports bet.

How do we rate the 1xbit bonus?

For all supporters of crypto currencies, the 1xbit bonus is of course the perfect opportunity to use them in the world of sports betting. To find the next big event you can bet on, visit this page at BEST BITCOIN BETTING. In its basic features, however, the new customer offer of 1xbit does not really stand out from other offers. On the positive side, the obvious absence of restrictions regarding individual countries should be emphasized. Less customer-friendly we see the fact that there are only 30 days to fulfil the turnover conditions. Whereby distinctions can also be made here. The fact is that 40 times the turnover should deter one or the other customer interested in the 1xbit bonus, but less so for the required minimum quota of 1.60, as this is significantly below the values of many competitors. The bonus points are a unique selling proposition of the 1xbit bonus offer and offer a real incentive to open an account with this bookmaker. Overall, we consider the 1xbit bonus offer to be a good alternative, especially if you have basic knowledge of crypto currencies. Once this is the case, this offer is definitely worth a try.

This is the new Half-Life

Few game series have such a charisma as “Half-Life”: After a twelve-year break, manufacturer Valve has now introduced a new part of the series. You need a VR headset to play. This release will be a big competitor for upcoming VR sex games like this, which are also a big niche in the VR industry.

For the first time in twelve years, the games company Valve has presented a new game from the shooter series “Half-Life”. However, “Half-Life: Alyx” is no ordinary PC game: It runs exclusively on virtual reality glasses connected to a gaming computer. It will be released in March 2020, according to an official info page.

Many fans are pleased with Valve’s announcement because the first-person perspective of “Half-Life” in combination with virtual reality (VR) promises a new, presumably much more intense gaming experience. Valve himself enthuses in his advertising text: “Experience perfect immersion in your interaction with the environment, solving puzzles, exploring the world and realistic battles.

Other fans, on the other hand, who don’t own any of the supported VR headsets, are furious: if they want to play the game, they must invest at least several hundred euros in a VR system. “Half-Life: Alyx” is also not the third part of the series that many fans have been eagerly awaiting for years, but a game whose plot is located between “Half-Life” and “Half-Life 2”. The term “Alyx” in the title alludes to the character Alyx Vance, a resistance leader. She will be controlled by the player in the new game.

Series fans have known Vance since “Half-Life 2”, where she met protagonist Gordon Freeman. From the new main character, the “only hope for the survival of mankind” in the fight against alien conquerors according to Valve, only the virtual hands can be seen in a first trailer to the game.

An exciting title for the VR market

Valves’ focus on virtual reality is hardly surprising. Like Facebook subsidiary Oculus, the company already has its own VR glasses on the market. Since 2016 you can buy the glasses Vive, which Valve developed together with HTC.

With the new “Half-Life”, Valve probably wants to boost sales of a newer headset. Since 2019, the company from Bellevue in the US state of Washington has also been offering the Valve Index, an in-house production.

Valve Index: Virtual Reality after the Vision from Bellevue

The index is one of the highest quality, but also most expensive VR systems for end users. Valve currently charges 1080 Euro for the complete package. In addition, a high-end gaming computer is required to operate the headset. Those who own the high-end system will get the new “Half-Life” game for free. The same applies to players who only own the index controllers.

In addition to the Valve Index, “Half-Life: Alyx” will also work with the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift, the Oculus Quest (which requires a link cable to connect the glasses to a PC) and the so-called Windows Mixed Reality headsets from various manufacturers. For these systems you will have to buy the “Alyx” for about 45 to 50 Euro.

Nevertheless, a new “Half-Life” certainly has the potential to make VR gaming more attractive for significantly more players than before. There are only a few gaming brands in the world of VR with the charisma of a “Half-Life”.

Part one is considered a milestone

Valve, the company behind the series, is both game developer (“Portal”, “Left 4 Dead”, “Dota 2”) and operator of Steam, the largest and most important PC game platform in the world. The platform, which now also sells “Alyx”, can be used to buy and play games from a wide variety of developer studios.

  1. The first part of “Half-Life” was released in 1998 and is considered a milestone in the shooter genre. Here you can find a 2017 retro test of the game.
  2. The successor “Half-Life 2” was launched in 2004 and could only be played with a Steam account. At that time it was a great excitement, but for Steam Valve the coupling paved the way to success. The last “Half-Life” game so far was released in 2007 with “Half-Life 2: Episode Two”.
  3. It is still unclear exactly how long the new “Half-Life: Alyx” will play. But Valve speaks of a “full-length game”: “Alyx” should be more than just a short VR experience.

According to Steam, “Alyx” can be played standing, sitting or in so-called roomscale mode, in which you can move freely within a defined area of the room. In the game itself there are supposed to be different possibilities of locomotion, from teleporting through the game world to continuous movement via analogue stick.

How To Cash Out Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies Tax Free

bitcoin into cash

– in a way taxes can be avoided legally.

What if you trade professionally and earn your living with Bitcoin? If you are not bound to your country and have no problem spending at least 183 days a year abroad, you can completely avoid taxes. You can read in this article how you can legally keep 100% of your profits from crypto trading for yourself. The opportunities described in this article apply to current residents of most countries, however, the US are excluded because there taxation is linked to your passport. So you need to be from a country where you don’t have to pay tax if your don’t live there anymore.

Profits From Cryptos Tax-Free – This Ts How It Works

In order to be able to pay out profits from cryptotrading tax-free at any time, it is indispensable to log off in Germany.

As already mentioned, you can convert a coin into Fiat tax-free after a holding period of 12 months, but the whole thing only works if this coin is not traded in the 12 months. If this is the case, the profits will be added to your income tax as a private sale.

For a legal, tax-free payment of crypto currencies the following structure has to be created:

1. Establishment Of An Offshore Company

Establishes an offshore company in a corporate form and in a state that does not levy taxes on non-domestic income. In other words, all income that is not generated within this country is tax-free. Suitable low-cost locations include Belize and St. Kitts and Nevis.

All profits from Cryptocurrency Trading will now be processed through this company and its business account.

2. Taking Up A Tax Domicile

Establishing a tax residence in a state that does not levy taxes on foreign income. All countries with territorial taxation are suitable for this, but also countries with special regulations such as Cyprus, where no taxes are levied on foreign dividends.

Theoretically it is also possible to live as a perpetual traveller without any tax residence. However, you run the risk, especially with higher amounts of money, that your home country or the country in which you were last taxed could make claims. In addition, it is much more difficult to open bank accounts and companies without a permanent residence. This risk should not be taken for certain sums.

For a professional and legal implementation without annoyances and risks, we definitely recommend a solid tax residence in this case study. Popular countries with territorial taxation include Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Georgia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Cyprus is also very attractive due to its special tax regime. Another qualitative option is Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) in the United Arab Emirates, a country that has no direct taxes. However, the latter option is also the most costly.

The simplest and cheapest options are clearly Panama and Cyprus, which are used as examples below.

In Panama, it triggers the desired tax liability after 183 days. However, here could be tricked a little bit, if it is too long for you, more about it in the Panama article. In Cyprus only 60 days per year are necessary, if you are not taxable in any other country.

What Is The Relationship Between Offshore Company And Tax Domicile?

In this case we decide for an International Business Company in Belize (Belize IBC), because it is sufficient for our purposes and above all it is cheap to establish and to run. Accounting and tax returns are not required. A Belize Company can be opened remotely at short notice. The contact of a recommended founding lawyer (who also accepts Bitcoin as means of payment) can be forwarded on request.

Now you act on all Exchanges with your company and pay the profits to your business account. From there you can then transfer the money as a dividend to a private account of your choice. As you do not pay taxes on foreign dividends in Panama or Cyprus, the profits are tax-free in your country of residence.

As a business account for your Belize IBC, a business account with the Fintech company Revolut is recommended. You will get a business account with your own IBAN on favourable terms. Revolut is one of the few crypto-friendly Fintechs, but only accepts clients residing within the EU and Switzerland. The page provides in-depth information on the topic of SEPA and IBAN accounts through the internet.

If you choose Panama as your tax residence, you can use the Fintech company Mistertango.

bitcoin into cash

If you live in Cyprus, you may even be able to open a Cypriot business account for your Belize IBC. Alternatively, you can open a business account in Georgia. The quickest and easiest way is to open a Revolut or Mistertango business account, also because it can be opened remotely.

Profits From Cryptos Are Tax-Free: What Does The Implementation Cost?

The foundation of a Belize IBC is possible from 900 dollars. The annual running costs are around 300 dollars.

The following costs arise for a solid tax residence. All details and a detailed list of costs can be found in the Panama and Cyprus articles.


The cost of the residency program in Panama is approximately $4,000. The annual cost is $0 or $800, depending on whether you want to keep the newly formed Panama Company necessary for immigration or not. Operationally you don’t need it, because you are acting through your Belize IBC.

The cost of closing the Panama Company is a one-time fee of $500. Your resident status remains unaffected. If you want to rent an apartment, you can do so, but this is not mandatory.

You will also need to transfer $5,000 to a Panamanian account that belongs to you. You can then immediately dispose of the money again.

In addition you should add the costs for a good international health insurance, which covers worldwide (approx. 80 – 200 €/month, depending on age and performance).


The costs for the immigration including obtaining the resident status, company foundation and all necessary papers are 3.000 Euro, the current annual costs are 1.700 Euro. Help with business bank accounts on Cyprus is provided by

In addition, you have to pay social security contributions (approx. 90 Euro/month, pension contributions already included), but are also covered by health insurance within the EU. It is also obligatory to maintain a room (from 150 Euro/month) or an apartment (from 250 Euro/month) all year round.

The listed costs include the fee for a lawyer, who does almost all the work for you. Contacts to reliable partner lawyers in Panama and Cyprus will be forwarded on request.

It will be cheaper if you have a fortune of at least €30,000 and a monthly income of at least 2.500 Euro. In this case you can do without founding a company and are not obliged to become part of the Cypriot social security system and therefore do not pay any social security contributions.

Of course, other scenarios are also possible, especially RAK in the United Arab Emirates is very interesting, but with significantly higher costs. An advantage there would be, however, that there is no annual minimum stay and you have to pick up an entry stamp only once every six months, which should be quite easy due to the convenient flight routes (Abu Dhabi, Dubai).

We can also recommend this forum to dive deeper into offshore banking and leaving your country:

Leading LiveChat Software Solutions

Meanwhile, there is a wide range of LiveChat software on the market. Many providers want to participate in the huge demand and the megatrend LiveChat. However, the offer on the Internet is rather intransparent and an adequate comparison of possible software applications takes a lot of time. It takes time for consultations, own research and comparisons of features and prices.

We help you to gain an objective insight more quickly. In the following, we will present the six most used LiveChat software providers for use by corporate companies (large corporations) – first with the essential data of the companies, the positioning on the market and the top reference customers. This selection is based on empirical values and a research of the widespread LiveChat applications (at Corporate Enterprises) in the German-speaking market (DACH).

This resulted in a selection and presentation of 6 companies:

LivePerson, LiveChat.Inc, Zendesk Chat, iAdvize, optimise-it and Userlike.

LivePerson (USA) – global market leader

LivePerson has been on the market for over 20 years with its LiveChat solution LiveEngage (founded in 1995). It is the world’s largest provider with more than 18,000 customers. LivePerson is headquartered in New York City and employs more than 1,000 people. LivePerson is present in 7 countries with local offices. In Germany, LivePerson operates with a branch in Mannheim.

LivePerson offers far more services and possibilities than LiveChat. The company positions its solution as the SaaS platform LiveEngage for multi-channel interaction with users via various contact points. In addition to LiveChat, other advertised channels and key features include Facebook Messenger, In-App Messaging, SMS, Adwords Click to Message, Click to Call and Co-Browsing. All channels are brought together centrally in the LiveEngage platform. LivePerson has announced a partnership with IBM Watson regarding the topic of chatbots and the automation of interactions. Click here for more information and data about LivePerson.

Hosting and data storage will take place in the data centers in Ashburn (USA) and for Europe in London (UK), therefore no data storage on servers in Germany is planned.

Top References: Deutsche Telekom / T-Mobile, Microsoft, Verizon, Sky, Walt Disney, QVC.

LiveChat (PL) – most users

LiveChat.Inc was founded in Warsaw (Poland) in 2002. In total, the company employs about 70 people. In terms of company size, it is astonishing that more than 23,000 companies have been acquired as customers. Unlike LivePerson, LiveChat.Inc has positioned itself in the market to give SMBs cost-effective access to their SaaS solution LiveChat.

In terms of customer size, LiveChatInc is ranked among the 3 most successful LiveChat providers according to

As extensions of its LiveChat solution, the company offers a chatbot solution called BotEngine, as well as a manually adaptable LiveChat construction kit ( for the development of its individual LiveChat software. Thirdly, an application in the area of knowledge management is mentioned in order to integrate and automate ideal FAQs into the chat (ChatBot). The core piece is clearly the LiveChat platform, to which further applications can be docked. Other contact channels such as Click2Video, Click2Call, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp are not possible (as with LivePerson, iAdvize or optimise-it).

Hosting and data storage will take place in Frankfurt and Amsterdam and full compliance with EU data protection directives will be stated.

Via the following link we present LiveChat.Inc in more detail with its features and possibilities regarding a use for your company.

Top References: IKEA, TELE2, orange, easycredit, Paypal, Xerox, Roku.

Zendesk (USA) – Extension to Ticketing

In 2008 the company Zopim, a live chat specialist, was founded in Asia. The well-known US company Zendesk then took over Zopim in 2014 and integrated its LiveChat solution into its comprehensive customer care ticketing platform. Zendesk is headquartered in San Franciso and employs more than 2,000 people. Zendesk leads approximately 119,000 customers globally. Its German office is located in Berlin.

The LiveChat of Zendesk is offered differently than with LivePerson and LiveChat.Inc as Freemium product. This means that it can be used free of charge as an entry-level version, but in a very limited form. So the usage barriers are low. Especially if a company is already working with the Zendesk Ticketing / Customer Care solution.

iAdvize (FR) – Specialist for Conversational Marketing

iAdvize is a French company founded in Nantes in 2010. It has a German office in Düsseldorf and around 200 employees globally with offices in Madrid, London and Boston. iAdvize serves more than 600 companies and positions itself as Europe’s market leader in conversational marketing. Since 2017 iAdvize has also had a local presence in Boston (USA) with its newest office.

Similar to LivePerson, the Conversational Marketing SaaS platform enables multi-channel interaction with users via various contact points and channels. In addition to LiveChat, other advertised channels and key features include Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Click to Call, Click to Video, ChatBot, SMS, Mirroring and Co-Browsing. All channels are brought together centrally in the iAdvize platform.



A special feature of iAdvize is that the company has created an innovative service crowdsourcing option that can be used in conjunction with the platform solution. In this way, iAdvize recruits enthusiastic product users and suggests the most suitable experts. The customer can select and train the on-demand experts online and then use them as an additional resource for product consulting (usually in the evening and at weekends, as needed). Through the iAdvize platform, the external consultants have access to advise website visitors in real time during product selection.

Hosting and data storage will take place in Frankfurt and full compliance with EU data protection directives will be stated.

Top references: RWE Innogy, TUI, Cosmos Direkt, Air France, Maxdome, Cdiscount, Entega.

optimise-it (DE) – local multi-channel provider

Optimise-It is a German provider of a LiveChat solution headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. The enterprise was created 2002 and employs approx. 40 coworkers. The enterprise aligned itself purposefully to German-language Enterprise customers and shows a customer master of 50-100 enterprises.

Optimise-it positions its application as a customer engagement solution for real-time communication and calls it RealPerson. Similarly as with LivePerson and iAdvize a multi-channel strategy is made possible. Beside the LiveChat various channels and key features are advertised like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Click to Video, Click to Call, Flyer to Chat, Chat to E-Mail, ChatBot, In-App Messaging, Peer to Peer Chat, Mirroring and Co-Browsing.

Hosting and data storage take place in Germany and full compliance with EU data protection directives is stated. Optionally, an on-premise installation on customer servers is offered.

Top references:1&1, Deutsche Bahn, Ergo, Verivox, BASF, Tchibo, s.Oliver, Holiday Check.

Userlike (DE) – German LiveChat Specialist

Like optimise-it, Userlike is a German provider of live chat software and has its headquarters in Cologne. The company was founded in 2012 and employs about 30 people. With a full focus on the German-speaking region (DACH), it has more than 1,000 customers.

The company is fully specialized in the application of a LiveChat SaaS solution. Like Zendesk Chat, Userlike offers low usage barriers with a Freemium pricing model. Small businesses and startups can gain their first experience with the Userlike solution free of charge. The Flex complete package then includes unlimited functions and licenses for corporate companies.

The platform has also been expanded and the following channels and key features are available in addition to the pure LiveChat: Facebook Messenger, Telegram Messenger, SMS and ChatBot. No co-browsing is offered yet and targeting only works via static integration into certain subpages.

Hosting and data storage will take place in Frankfurt and full compliance with EU data protection directives will be stated.

Top references: Daimler, BMW, Trivago, Allianz, Cyberport, Nivea, Continental, ADAC.

With this overview we give a first insight into the suitable supplier search regarding the suitable LiveChat software for large enterprises. Soon we will present you the mentioned software solutions in more detail in its respective functional scope and with the respective advantages.

Free hosting – Does it still exist?

Just 10 or 15 years ago, there were a lot of providers of free hosting. GeoCities and other providers were very popular at that time to host private websites. But the times have changed and with advertising such a thing is hardly to be financed today. Is there still free hosting? And if so, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Is there any free hosting at all?

There is still free hosting for own websites, even if it is not so widespread today by far. Providers like or still make it possible today to host a small website for free. However, there are no longer the big providers in this area that everyone knows.

Another form of free hosting are providers like or Tumblr. Here one can operate also own Website free of charge, but one has no direct access to the Web space and can install nothing. Instead you use pre-installed blog software and for private purposes this is a good option.

Disadvantages of free hosting

In the private sector there is a lot to forgive, but as soon as you need hosting for a company website or something similar, it looks different. Both the free webspace providers and the providers of hosted blogs have some disadvantages (or let’s say restrictions) compared to paid hosting:

  • Slow connection
    A slow connection is often one of the disadvantages. The own website loads only slowly, especially with somewhat more complex contents.
  • no own domain
    Of course you don’t get your own top-level domain, but only a subdomain ( That doesn’t look very professional.
  • Failures
    Unfortunately, the free hosters are not exactly technically optimally equipped, so that it can come to rush hours also to failures of the own website.
  • Storage space and bandwidth
    With free hosting, the storage space is usually limited, so that you get problems, for example, when using pictures. But also the bandwidth, i.e. the data transferred per month, is often limited. Thus it can happen that the website is no longer accessible towards the end of a month.
  • Advertising
    Who offers free Hosting, must earn nevertheless somehow money. This is partly done by faded in advertising, which of course does not fit to your own website.
  • Limited services
    Databases, certain script libraries, backups and much more are usually not available for free hosting.
  • Security
    How well your own data is protected from hacks or other things is also in the stars with many of these providers.
  • Reliability
    Whether such providers will still exist in a few years is the question.

As you can see there are a lot of downsides, to pick a good webhoster visit Webhosting Anbieter for a german hoster and Bestwebhoster if you have an international webpage.

Free is not free of charge

The list of disadvantages could certainly be continued, but these points alone should be enough to understand that free hosting has many disadvantages.

  • On the other hand, there is the advantage of not having to pay any money. But does this mean that it is really free?
  • No, you only have other, usually much higher costs:
  • Visitors jump off because the website runs too slowly.
    Potential customers don’t buy anything because the domain seems dubious.
    Repair costs for the website because it has been hacked again and there is no backup at the hoster.

The opportunity costs for free hosting are very high. Much higher in any case, than the few euro, which one would have to pay for a beginner Shared Hosting package.

Therefore, I can only advise anyone who wants to build a reasonable website in any way to take a little money in hand and use a reasonable hoster. That pays off in any case.

Hologram Porn Versus VR Porn – Which One Is The Future

You can consider to get rid of that foolish small headset, there is currently a much better method to have private fun in space-age style.

It has been proven the rear doorway, using Hologram porno set-to dominate just like virtual-reality porno was just starting to increase towards the event.

Getting several advanced, Starwars-impressed uniqueness for your unique period that was alone, porno pushers CamSoda that was expert offers verified it’ll reveal the planetis initial reside buffering that was holographic ” support at the AVN Adult-Entertainment Expo of the following month in Vegas.

The holograms must provide the impact of the real life lady being in your family room or room before anyone.

Unlike VR porno also offers your surroundings’ advantage of allowing you stay aware, indicating housemate or another half as long as you’re misplaced in a globe wont slip on you.

Therefore, how can it function? Nicely, the brand new Holo-Camera’ exhibits is likely to be chance on several individual camcorders in a special natural screen facilities before being beamed to some unique, and apparently inexpensive, clear chart that you simply’ll have the ability to put on your telephone, pill or pc display.

What this means is you will be in a position to move the flying motion around, getting individual and near up using each position.

Hologram porno is likely to be restricted using regular exhibits providing high-tech, in the beginning masterbaters a taster that is tease. If youare after your personal display that is personal you ‘ll have the ability to entrance-up to get an efficiency that is more individual.

“We Are delighted to declare the start of Holo-Camera, that allows customers to connect to cam women within an experience like nothing you’ve seen prior,” Daron Lundeen, CamSodais leader introduced in a.

“Today camera versions can be interacted with by customers correct by glowing a stay cam-girl through their telephone or pill within their own atmosphere.”

Additionally the initial step toward residing a pleased, one lifestyle, your dreams of the life size hologram lady position at one’s bed’s end continue to be a methods off.

At this time, the porno will be small-scale, using holograms approximately half the display screen’s size.” If you’ve got a a 4.7-inches iPhone SEVEN, which means you be viewing Customer porno. Even Pornhub hasn’t yet included a class for that market. But for VR there is already so much content out there even such as vr pornos gay or content especially for lovers of trannies, groups or bondage. It’s incredible.

Image-quality might be fairly discouraging also. You are 4K Television will not be released of its porno show work that is happy simply but next.

Precise prices for advanced smut and the pyramids offers however to become verified.

The Radically Decentralizised Internet Of Russia

There’s a certain construction the internet of a country may have: a radically decentralized one. This is the case in Russia, which, thinking of it’s presidents authoritarian inclinations, might shock you.

The best reason for this is computer crime. A 2007 research of the Euro Company Community, a huge cyber-crime operation centered in Leningrad, produces a unclear system to obscure the comprehension of their actions. By making by choice complicated techniques, cyber-criminals can both conceal their courses and make their methods really hard to turn off in the outdoor. The tradeoff with this type of program is the fact that Russia loses some ability to monitor and censor its systems. Therefore while Russia might be consider a bigger risk to the United States than China in terms of computer crime, Russia has simultaneously been taking Cina for suggestions about the best way to structure its web.

The contour of a nationwide net program represents a countrys worth, similar to its financial guidelines or regulations. Should the strength of the web be doled out across the nation, or a device a government or business organization may utilize to its edge? Mubarak picked the latter, angering his people enough to get him tossed in to jail. Chinas web czars select the same, enabling nearby web organizations to prosper, but seriously limiting the advice accessible to individuals in the state.

Its simple to believe of our connection to the net as mainly about the app that attaches us to it, like programs and browsers. The best part about software is it is simple to transform. In case a browser has a bug, it may be repaired immediately. If an program begins requesting entry to also much of your information, it is possible to un-install it.

But beneath all web applications is actual components. Once set up, this infrastructure confirms how consumers access information, and who reaches observe that info. This real net has been formed by a conflict between two diverging tendencies: Authorities and businesses that need more manage over information, and the trimming of web facilities. Cina continues to be a deafening supporter of-internet sovereignty, the notion that each nation can basically exist completely on a unique community. Enormous ISPs like Comcast and Verizon happen to be arrested of managing their own providers otherwise, using the enormous sites they get a handle on. Centralization of cyberspace enables famous brands the National-Security Company to traveler on visitors by acquiring big companies to consent, as occurred with AT&T.

A de-centralized web, meanwhile, signifies that nobody has the strength to form the net toward a unique benefit. It generates censorship, surveillance, and web shut downs considerably harder and there is way more usage of VPNs to hide activities. Check for information about online privacy. It earns the net environment mo-Re aggressive, and it probably makes the web quicker, enabling connections to consider the best road as an alternative to the simply path.

As increasingly more of that which is done everyday occurs on line, the way this conflict performs away may discover how simple it’s for authorities and business organizations to form our lifestyles.