Surveillance Software for Windows, Linux and Mac

The program is very powerful thanks to its especially user friendly and intuitive interface. This very much sets it apart from much of the contest where many video surveillance systems are complicated to work with and configure and a lot more complicated to set up.


Software Development Methodology in Practice

When you’re in the software development area, you may encounter various development methodologies followed while developing any software job.  A software methodology used in a single job might or might not be satisfied to a different job. Each applications methodology could have its strengths and drawbacks. There really are many different applications strategies developed with time, which are well matched to particular type of jobs. Read to learn several points on the different methodologies developed.


Earn Bitcoins with SatoshiDice

There are now countless online casinos on the net where you can play with Bitcoins. Satoshidice is one of the oldest and most widespread Bitcoin casino. Unlike other casinos, however, it is not only possible to play against the bank, but also to bet on the bank. (altro…)

How To Earn Money With Bitcoin

Bitcoin profit


What new features does the 1xbit bonus offer?

Thanks to this betting provider, so-called crypto-currencies find their way into the world of sports betting. Accordingly, in the case of the 1xbit bonus, one or two clarifications are required when it comes to the conditions of this offer. We try to ensure the same on this page to your satisfaction, so that you can enjoy the advantages of a possibly newly opened user account and take advantage of the exclusive 1xbit bonus. At second glance, this offer differs only slightly from those we have already examined in recent months, as it is more or less a classic first deposit bonus.


This is the new Half-Life

Few game series have such a charisma as “Half-Life”: After a twelve-year break, manufacturer Valve has now introduced a new part of the series. You need a VR headset to play. This release will be a big competitor for upcoming VR sex games like this, which are also a big niche in the VR industry.


How To Cash Out Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies Tax Free

bitcoin into cash


Leading LiveChat Software Solutions

Meanwhile, there is a wide range of LiveChat software on the market. Many providers want to participate in the huge demand and the megatrend LiveChat. However, the offer on the Internet is rather intransparent and an adequate comparison of possible software applications takes a lot of time. It takes time for consultations, own research and comparisons of features and prices.


Free hosting – Does it still exist?

Just 10 or 15 years ago, there were a lot of providers of free hosting. GeoCities and other providers were very popular at that time to host private websites. But the times have changed and with advertising such a thing is hardly to be financed today. Is there still free hosting? And if so, what are the advantages and disadvantages? (altro…)

Hologram Porn Versus VR Porn – Which One Is The Future

You can consider to get rid of that foolish small headset, there is currently a much better method to have private fun in space-age style.


The Radically Decentralizised Internet Of Russia

There’s a certain construction the internet of a country may have: a radically decentralized one. This is the case in Russia, which, thinking of it’s presidents authoritarian inclinations, might shock you.


Background-Check For Public And Legal Records

Obtaining an address or telephone number is kid’s play. Only if you are considering public and legal records things begin to get interesting. This can be ways to find away if you wish to understand if your popular co-worker has actually been separated, or in case your neighbour may be operating a drug ring from her flat.